Steel door

Door catalog:

Standard doors

System 20 i System 25


Steel door with a lever-handle + 4 segments


Steel door with a lever-handle + 4 segments + panel


Steel door with a lever-handle + 6 segments + panel


Steel door with a lever-handle + 8 segments


Steel door with a lever-handle – no division


Steel door – modern design

Customised solutions

Design your own custom-made door

Proposal 1

Proposal: SteelA-W1 steel door with a loft-style lever-handle top and sidelite

Proposal 2

Proposal: 2 x SteelA-W4 steel door with a pull-handle and a combination of top and sidelites

Proposal 3

Proposal: 2 x SteelA-W8 steel door with a loft-style lever-handle and sidelites

Kinds of lever-handles:


(interlock door closed with a small roll with a “click” type lock)

Pull-handle 20

Pull-handle 25

Pull-handle 30

Pull-handle 50

Steel handle

(1-point lock opened only by a handle)

Loft (standard)





(1-point lock with a patent insert)





steel handle (1-point lock with a WC type insert)




Why the door Vistal
is the best choice?

Retains heat and protects against cold

Our steel doors will help you maintain the optimal room temperature

High level of security

Solid workmanship is the key to maintaining safety for many years

Perfect sound insulation

The use of the highest quality materials effectively reduces the noise level

Match the color of the steel door to your preference!

You can choose any color from nearly 50,000 shades

in the RAL scale.

Our projects


We have prepared answers to the questions that will help you make the right decision.

How to determine the side of the door?

All you need to do is face the door so that it opens towards you. If the hinges are on your left hand side it is a left hand door and vice versa – the hinges will be on the right hand side for a “right hand door”.

Can I personalize the appearance of the door?

Yes, each order of Vistal steel doors can be adjusted to your preferences. You can personalize your order by choosing the appropriate size and color of steel doors, as well as the type of glazing, fittings and handles.

Can Vistal steel doors be sliding?

Yes. In response to customer expectations and the optimization of the available space, our wide range of products includes standard and sliding doors.

Can I freely choose the color of the door?

Yes, we use the RAL color palette of nearly 50,000 shades.

What is the average waiting time for the door?

The order fulfillment date will be agreed individually depending on the quantity and combination of products ordered.

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