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Current projects

Diversification of Vista Poland’s sources of revenue by launching new metal joinery products on the market

Objectives and planned outcomes of the project:
The project aims to counteract the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by diversifying the company’s sources of revenue through the introduction of a new range of metal joinery products. This project will have a significant impact on improving the situation of the company and, consequently, maintaining jobs, as well as increasing the company’s level of innovation through the implementation of modern, environmentally friendly production solutions.

Project value: PLN 1 291,538.42
European Funds contribution: PLN 921 155.05

Implementation of R&D results in the field of an environmentally-friendly insulation system with application in the production of aluminium joinery 

Objectives and planned outcomes of the project:

The aim of this project is to implement the results of the research and development work carried out, which was directed towards the development of an environmentally-friendly system for insulating against adverse external influences, particularly in terms of thermal insulation and resistance to water pressure, dedicated to aluminium joinery.

The subject of this project is the introduction of new aluminium windows into the company’s product range, provided with a system of insulation against adverse external influences, which is manufactured using raw materials of waste origin.

The effect of the project will be to enable the Company to increase its level of innovation and competitiveness in the market. In addition, other benefits will be achieved:

  1. gaining a market advantage by launching an innovative product on the market,
  2. meeting the identified needs of existing and potential customers,
  3. expanding the company’s product range,
  4. attracting new customers and increasing the company’s revenue,
  5. developing export activities,
  6. creating new jobs,
  7. reducing disparities in access to employment,
  8. improving Occupational Health and Safety.

Project value: PLN 6 693 363.73
European Funds contribution: PLN 2 992 000.00

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